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We believe in clean code and simplicity.


PHP 5.6+ and Apache

PHP 5.6+

Ouzo supports PHP version 5.6 or later. Builds are running continuously on 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1 Check out our travis site.

HTTP Server

Apache is supported out-of-box, but you need mod_rewrite enabled. It should be fairly easy to run your app under different web server. If you happen to do so, let us know!

Database (optional)

Ouzo is database agnostic. Currently it supports PostgreSQL, MySQL / MariaDB and SQLite. With its flexible dialect system we are able to add support to other databases as well.


MIT. Use Ouzo wherever you need, fork us, basically do whatever you want :) Full source code is available on Github.

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It takes only 4 steps to set up sample project and start experiencing Ouzo.

1. Set up project

We recommend using composer (http://getcomposer.org):

composer.phar create-project letsdrink/ouzo-app:1.6.0 myproject

Change myproject to your project's name.

2. Database Configuration

After download is completed you will be asked to select a database for your project:

Composer - screen

Config files (config/prod/config.php and config/test/config.php) will be created. You can change your database configuration at any time.

Next step is to create your database and user and update config files accordingly.

3. Migrations

Your database is empty at the beginning. To demonstrate Ouzo capabilities we have created a sample database. Use db.sh (or db.bat under Windows) to apply migrations:

Ruckusing migration - screen

Ouzo uses Ruckusing framework for migrations ( ruckusing-migrations).

4. Web server

All you need is Apache HTTP Server with mod_rewrite enabled. Change DocumentRoot to your Ouzo project (e.g. myproject).

Open browser e.g. http://localhost/myproject and enjoy!